Connecting SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 With Relay Server

Connecting SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 With Relay Server

Dear All,

From SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 onwards we know that there is no configuration tab for Relay Server like it predecessor in which in the SAP Control center or Sybase Control Center we used to specify the Relay Server Address and the farm.

The current version of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 brings in the concept of Reverse Proxy Server instead of Relay Server which makes it easy for using any third party reverse proxy server to work with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 but there would be many instances where there is already an instance of Relay Server already installed.

Next question arises is how to use this existing infrastructure

Although there is a guide already released by SAP which i tried but could not find it working

So I tried the reverse way with some basic concepts and got this thing working.

I already had a Relay Server installed so i followed these steps.

1. Download SQL Anywhere from the below site on the SAP Mobile Platform Server Console

For the document purpose i am installing SQL Anywhere 12 whereas the latest version installed is SQL Anywhere 16.

You can acquire a free developer version from the below link.

Register and Download the installer file as per your host station

You will get the developer key on the registered email address.


and get a free version of SQL Anywhere 12 Developer Edition with a developer key.

Install the SQL Anywhere 12 by running the installer.

2 .Now go to the Relay Server Machine and open the rs.config file located under %installation directory%/RelayServer/ias_relay_server/server/ folder

Add the entries as below



See the sample values as below


enable = yes

id = SMPServer1.SUPFarm

client_security = off

#backend_security = on

description = SMPServer1 SMP Server Farm

and also add properties for the backend farm as well in rs.config file as below


See the sample values as below



enable = yes

farm = SMPServer1.SUPFarm

id =SMPServer1

token = 123456


Save the rs.config file and launch the command prompt and execute the below commands

cd %installation_directory%/RelayServer/ias_relay_server/server

rshost -u -f rs.config

This will update the relay server with the updated rs.config file

Once this is done, go back to the SAP Mobile Platform Server Machine and navigate to the below directory

%installation_directory%/SQL Anywhere/Bin64

Create a rsoe.config file using notepad in this directory and add the below contents in the rsoe,config file



Sample values are as below


-id SMPServer1  -f SMPServer1.SUPFarm -t 123456 -cs

“host = localip of SMP Server;port = 8081;” -cr

“host= localip of Relay Server;port=80; url_suffix=/ias_relay_server/server/rs_server.dll;url_prefix=/ias_relay_server/client/rs_client.dll” -o “C:\log.txt” -v 5


The values marked in bold needs to be changed with your values

-cs is the host address and port of the SMP Server

The port can be different than 8081. This can be achieved by login into management cockpit and you will see the ESPM Service already deployed.

Click on Open Service Document which will open a new window



Get the port number next to localhost and replace it with the same in the port adjacent to the host.

Once you edited the values save the rsoe.config file.

Then launch the command prompt with Administrator rights and run the below command

cd %installation_directory%SQLAnywhere/Bin64

rsoe @rsoe.config

This will create an outbound enabler channel.

You can check the log.txt file at the path mentioned in the rsoe.config file

It should say Successfully connect to “local ip of Relay Server”

Please ensure Port 80 and 443 are open in bidirectional mode between the Relay Server and SAP Mobile Platform Server

Once this is done

Open your browser and run this link


It will open the list of methods for the service.

You can now connect to the SAP Mobile Platform Server from Anywhere using the Relay Server.


Hope this helps