The Key To Operationalizing Your BI Strategy

The Key To Operationalizing Your BI Strategy

BI competency centers (BICCs) are in the spotlight once more. Ironically, despite the projected 80% annual growth in data and the projection of 50% of enterprise employees use of analytics by 2014 (and 75% by 2020), most organizations today only have a 10-20% business intelligence (BI) adoption rate. Including a business-driven BI competency center as part of your overall BI strategy is a critical element in increasing BI adoption, enabling BI self-service, and ensuring that your organization has the right analytic capabilities to deliver analytic business value.

What is a BI competency center?

A business intelligence competency center (BICC), sometimes also called a BI center of excellence (CoE), is part of a BI strategy framework. It incorporates governance, program management, BI strategy roadmap and milestones, education and training, and support. BICC is a cross-functional team with specific tasks, roles, responsibilities, and processes for supporting and promoting the effective use of business intelligence across organizations (Gartner 2001).


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