University Digital Transformation Program

Digital transformation is becoming a dire need in this new era of technology and that calls for embracing the new information technology systems. Systems that give smart analytics and insights for better decision making in all fields of business.

TallyMarks Consulting has offered business Intelligence solutions to a number of universities on global best practices of higher education. Out of which the latest one to take technological initiative for the university digital transformation is Institute of Space Technology (IST).


With TallyMarks’ implementation of ERP, HER, CMS, Mobility and Business Intelligence IST will benefit in various ways and in multiple domains. University Digital Transformation not only supports improving academic automation objectives like, Student Life Cycle Management, Student Portal, Academic Scheduling System, Research Funding Management, etc. but it also helps in the automation of enterprise wide objectives such as Finance & Controlling, Human Capital Management, Material Management, Mobility, etc.

TallyMarks envisions of becoming a role model in higher education sector in Pakistan by providing robust end to end integrated solution of learning management system, campus management and higher education solutions that fosters an improved and collaborative environment among academia, research, students, faculty and management.