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TallyMarks Consulting (TMC) provides unique learning and development opportunities on projects that require individuals to use ingenuity, intelligence and problem-solving skills. As an international consultancy, we are able to tap into an extensive network of talent and experience across global markets. Hence our team is continually exposed to bright minds and world-class thinking.

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TMC family – The Energy that Drives Us Forward

%TallyMarks TMC%“I started working for TMC in 2018. The whole TMC team consists of a group of competitive people who will not only work towards delivering top quality service but also polished my skills as an individual; my personal and collective development focused upon every aspect. A fun environment, with friendly, supportive, and hardworking staff. Everyone plays a part in contributing to the success of the project. My ideas and works are valuable to the management. I have lots of flexibility in carrying out my tasks in this fast-paced environment.”

Mohsin Rao – SAP Support Manager

“It’s been 1 and%TallyMarks TMC% a half years since I joined TMC and since then I have learned a lot in such a short span of time. Even as an Intern, I was directly assigned to projects which gave me good hands-on experience. My supervisor would always treat me as an equal and never let me feel like I knew any less. TMC has grown rapidly in the last 10 years and I am extremely proud and honored to be a part of its success.

Sara Naveed – Consultant – SAP FICO

%TallyMarks TMC%“I have been part of TMC team for almost two years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I can spend as much energy honing my abilities with data, numbers, and processes as I do exercising my skills of influencing, listening, and relationship-building. I am growing in mental as well as emotional intelligence. The best part is that I grow in these areas alongside an entire company of individuals striving toward the same goals. It’s exhilarating, and it is what we do every single day. I have been empowered to advance my knowledge and continue to grow in my role.

Umar Mushtaq – Project Manager

%TallyMarks TMC%“From finishing university in 2013, I have seven years of professional experience, solely in the Business Intelligence domain. I started my career with TallyMarks Consulting (TMC). A combination of learning, on-the Job training and the opportunity to work on many different critical projects with a diverse group of people has helped me to develop as an experienced person. I had a unique opportunity to collaborate with people from across geographies working on different projects starting from a Junior Consultant to Achieving the milestone of being a Team Lead & Project Manager. Though all this was not possible without the help of the Internal Team and Leaders because they work hard on building and polishing fresh graduates, like me. This helps to keep me motivated to better myself. It’s been a far-fetched journey, remarkable years of warmth, learning, and support.”

Numair Mazhar – Team Lead – Qlik

%TallyMarks TMC%“As TallyMarks Consulting (TMC) is one of the Top SAP partners in Pakistan, it has a footprint in the local as well as international market. It has a good learning environment. There is a nice and healthy social culture within teams. I find my colleagues respectful and humble, eager to learn and share their knowledge. I am immensely happy with what TMC has achieved in this short time as a company. ”

Usman Ghani – Managing Consultant – SAP ABAP & Fiori

“TMC is rewarding and creating constantly transforming buzz. TMC has helped me to grow more technically, professionally, and personally. Now I love to explore and learn more creative solutions. The employee culture at TMC is extraordinary! If we talk about the working environment, the atmosphere is inclusive, promotes learning and there is mutual respect. During the challenging times which are constant everywhere. The Covid-19 impact was very real and tough, but with the help of the supportive team, we worked through it with collaboration, communication and fun!

Sofia Rana – Business Development Manager

%TallyMarks TMC%“I chose TMC because of its well-known reputation of enabling the culture of progression. The learning environment of TMC is unique with a particular focus on team building. The organization promotes the culture of introducing new ideas and executing them according to your plan & convenience as long as you end up delivering the right results.

The social culture is also quite exemplary and encourages friendship, mutual respect & camaraderie between the team members. I feel pretty proud to be part of this unit being led by a progressive & at the same time an immensely humble mentor in the form of Mr. Abdul Haseeb.”

Raheel Javaid – Business Analyst

%TallyMarks TMC%“Since joining TMC, I have had a virtuous professional journey. The 3+ years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career.TMC has provided me with a magnificent platform for career growth where talent and hard work are recognized, valued and appreciated. I am really grateful to work in a place that makes us grow to greater heights. TMC has just completed a decade this year and I feel proud of this achievement and looking forward to contributing to many more upcoming achievements.”

Zeeshan Asani – Track Lead – SAP OpenText

%TallyMarks TMC%“TallyMarks Consulting has a unique friendly learning environment. It has a long list of professional mentors with a positive attitude. For TMC, mentorship is an indispensable part of its work culture. I feel fortunate to work with such skillful colleagues. Here at TMC, I got the opportunity to work with international clients that helped me to strengthen and broaden my skills.

Talking about the workplace environment, whoever joins TMC easily fits in and mingles. It is a workplace where colleagues have strong bonding. At leisure time you can’t differentiate between seniors and juniors. I feel very proud to be a part of this organization. The success it has achieved in all these years is an inspiration for all of us. ”

Muhammad Mohiuddin Mallick – Project Manager

%TallyMarks TMC%“People, Place, and Purpose make an organization. TallyMarks Consulting is the place to express & execute your crazy ideas, where people work as a team and love their work. TMC is the best part of my corporate life.

Umar Zia – SAP Project Manager

TallyMarks Consulting Mentorship Program

TallyMarks offers a wide variety of internships leading to mentorship programs, which help recent graduates learn the required skills through on job training and continuous evaluation by mentors. Our programs are paid and help interns gain first-hand exposure to roles and responsibilities.

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