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Data Literacy Workshop at SKANS School of Accountancy

TallyMarks Consulting Qlik SKANSTallyMarks Consulting delivered a guest lecture on Data Literacy at Skans School of Accountancy ACCA Campus in Lahore. The purpose of the interactive lecture was to make the bright accountancy and business students aware of the fact that data is getting generated in a huge volume every passing minute.

We need tools that store, analyze and process the data in order to have meaningful information out of it, that helps greatly in the decision making process. We shared with the participants that after spending a lot of time on the nuts and bolts of the analytics marketplace, we as Tallymarks Consulting harbor the view that the users should be empowered to load and build analytics with simple drag-and-drop simplicity. The participants were made aware of the fact that they do not require in-depth technical knowledge in order to analyze and visualize huge reams of data as Qlik (A data analytical BI tool) uses its strong and integrated cognitive and associative models to facilitate the business analysts to come up with the required analysis. The participants were also made aware of the fact that without generating the right kind of analysis what we get is only information, not intelligence.

Therefore; in order to create a meaningful analysis, people should become data literate which means that they should gradually develop the ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information. We concluded the session by highlighting in front of the participants the mission we are on and the goal of a data literacy program, which is to improve everyone’s ability to read, work with, analyze and argue with data. In order to meet our defined goal, we shared several techniques with the participants in order to help them in becoming data savvy.

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SAP Certification Exam by TallyBiafo – April 2019

Karachi TallyBiafo SAP examTallyBiafo Academy an authorized SAP Training Partner along with SAP conducted the SAP Certification Exam in April 2019 in their Karachi office.

Eight participants cleared the SAP certification exam with a great percentage. Rahim Shaukat Ali was the one to score an amazing 98% in FI (Financial Accounting) Module. These SAP professionals will be globally recognized for their SAP certifications and can work for multinational companies in respected departments.

Here’s a list of the participants that cleared the SAP certification exam in April 2019. We congratulate them and wish them a bright future ahead in the world of SAP.

Name Module
Asfar Rahber Materials Management
Muhammad Bilal Materials Management
Syed Hussain Abbas Rizvi Materials Management
Abdul Hanan Vohra  SAP Basis
Rahim Shaukat Ali Financial Accounting
Syed Qamber Abbas Materials Management
Muhammad Salik Qureshi SAP  Basis
Muhammad Umer Qaiser Samdani Materials Management

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Guest Lecture on Data Literacy at National University of Sciences and Technology Islamabad

Nust Qlik Pakistan

TallyMarks Consulting delivered a guest lecture on Data Literacy at National University of Sciences and Technology Business School (NBS), Islamabad. The purpose of the interactive lecture was to make the bright business students aware of the fact that data is now coming at us from all the angles and as a result, an interactive dashboard is required to visualize the collected data. The students were taught that in order to create meaningful dashboards, they have to gradually develop the skill of data literacy that involves the ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as a piece of information.
Students of NBS were also made to understand how Qlik is a user-friendly analytics tool as it requires a user to simply load data and build analytics with drag-and-drop simplicity. It was also demonstrated in front of the students that the effective use of analytics tool greatly helps in analyzing huge reams of data and finding patterns and correlations that would usually go unnoticed to human analysts.
The session was concluded with an interactive brainstorming session with the students that once again focused on making the students understand that without learning data literacy skill, we will be playing with only vague data and information.

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Data Analytics Lecture at Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) LUMS

Qlik data analytics at Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDCB) LUMSTallyMarks Consulting & Qlik Pakistan arranged an informative guest lecture at Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDCB) LUMS. We equipped the students of the best business school of Pakistan to use the Data Analytics skills in order to identify Audit Risk and reduce it to an appropriately low level. The guest lecture also involved the identification of Audit Risks in Sales, Inventory & Procurement Areas. One of the main objectives of the lecture was also to make students aware of the fact that the data analytics skills would play a pivotal role in re-engineering the Audit Profession in the future.

TallyBiafo Visits Gomal University


SAP at Gomal University

A power-packed #SAP Education Awareness Session was conducted at IBA Department of Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan. The discussion included an overview of SAP, Career prospects in SAP and what companies run on SAP. Students were told about the importance of SAP Education.