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TMC Cloud is an ISO 27001 Certified Cloud Solutions Provider. TallyMarks Cloud Hosting provides a virtualized data center to companies from our data center. Our data centers are designed to be dedicated to an organization and handle the company’s workload. It offers the effectiveness, flexibility, security, control and performance of a dedicated environment.

Our Cloud Solution allows your enterprise the ultimate hands-on control over your cloud computing deployment. Cloud Hosting allows you to retain a comprehensive oversight when it comes to your data, applications and other computing resources.

TallyMarks strives to deliver outcome and organization specific solutions. We have an optimized and solution-oriented approach in order to guide the design and deployment of your Cloud. Our professionals tackle the implementation expertly by taking into account your existing needs, as well as the projections of your likely future requirements.

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Being one of the 1st in Pakistan to introduce Hosted Private Cloud services, TallyMarks offering is a unique solution for clients who wish to have their own Virtual Data Centre (VDC). We ensure that your data center remains remote, firewalled and completely secure.

Our Managed and Hosted Cloud service allows you to avail virtual machines from a pool of resources and you pay for what you use. TallyMarks Cloud hosting services are delivered from our own Tier 3 data centers in Pakistan, physically located at Arfa Software Technology Park. As one of the well reputed cloud services companies in Pakistan, we provide cloud infrastructure services with high end, credit based Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Managed Cloud

The Managed Cloud is highly secure, offering the users a fully managed Data Center environment by our Cloud Care team.

Un-Managed Cloud

When you choose Unmanaged VPS hosting, the responsibility of management and monitoring lies with you. However, you may add any of the managed services as an optional add-on.

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24/7 IT support
Credit Based SLA
Flexible billing options
Reduced Capital Costs
Easy scalability of infrastructure
Increased security and high reliability
Dedicated Service Account Managers
Reduced lead time and faster deployment

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