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Using Data-driven insights, manage the product life cycle better, based on fact.

Data analytics provides substantial opportunities for traditional retailers and FMCG companies since they already have a wealth of data that can be used for various analytics to optimize processes, increase sales, and launch new products and services.

Big Data provides retailers with real-time in-store analytics, web analytics for e-commerce sites, and support for back-end and cloud-based resources. FMCG companies can use Analytics to aid the development of innovative products, target consumers with more personalized and relevant brand communications, and increase consumer loyalty. Retailers and FMCG companies must devise an effective Data strategy to enable increased responsiveness to consumers, as well as increase spend per customer.

*This event is exclusively for managers and IT personnel only.
*Update: Event completed.


27th August, 2019 (Mövenpick Hotel)
29th August, 2019 (Faletti’s Hotel)