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Abu Dhabi Food Controlling Authority

Abu Dhabi Food Controlling Authority integrates its backend through Sap Mobile Platform which allows the application to consume the web services and display / manipulate the data. The web services have a certain authentication which allows the communication to be secure.

Work Order Management Engineering Office

Work Order Management Engineering Office had a partially similar architecture and data flow. They use SMP as a middleware to expose web services with authentication and they are consumed in the web app running in Cordova container.

Averta MiU Mobile

Avertra MiU has a different middleware. They are using .Net to expose their services which are then consumed in Ionic Framework (Runs inside Cordova) using AngularJS.

A hybrid app allows you to have a design out of the norms of a basic mobile app. It has the same features and integration among all devices. We use Cordova as a wrapper, which gives us a well-formed SDK, tightly coupled with the device features, such as camera, GPS etc. The data flow can be persistent on the device and further web services from any kind of back-end system can be consumed without any external dependency.


Multiple Platforms

Apache Cordova’s wrapper is a mobile application built for all 3 main platforms, Android, iOS & Windows Phone. It also provides us platforms such as Black Berry, FireOS, Amazon and Kindle etc. So you can have the same design with the exact features on different platforms.

Unified Back-End

Have your back-end anywhere you want, there are multiple ways to build a communication between the web server and the devices, such as REST Api. Do you have a SAP System? No problem, expose the Web Services (with proper authentication) and consume them by using jQuery, AngularJS or any other Front-End Framework that you want.

Device Integration

Cordova provides an SDK which wraps the web application into a container, the SDK provides built-in plugins for a proper communication with the hardware, and there are 3rd party as well as Cordova’s personal plugins available for unique features such as Cordova which integrates the AngularJS provider if the web app is built on AngularJS.

Customizable Frameworks

There are many frameworks for hybrid apps available to speed up the process of development, such as Ionic, It has a beautiful design and is built on AngularJS. It also gives pre-built templates and a well-organized boilerplate to kick start a project. There are other frameworks available as well, such as Adobe Phonegap, KendoUI etc. They are all built with HTML5 and JavaScript.