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Why having a Cloud Infrastructure located within Pakistan is important?

The physical location of infrastructure is one prime factor that enterprises overlook when selecting a cloud hosting provider. The ongoing trend is to simply opt for big names in the market who lure you in with eye-catching facts. Especially in Pakistan, one tends to place blind trust in a western product or service. This blog […]

Top Cloud Data Centres in Pakistan

The demand for Cloud Services and Solutions is rapidly growing in Pakistan. Companies are realizing it is expensive for them to maintain their own IT infrastructure. PTCL, TallyMarks Cloud, Wateen Cloud, and Rapid Compute are the only Cloud service providers whose data centers are physically present within the boundaries of Pakistan. In order to help [...]

A Smarter Analytics Platform with Qlik Alerting

Information Technology (IT) was already at the forefront of business globally but due to the unfortunate emergence of the “COVID-19” pandemic and the resulting “Work from Home” (WFH) phenomenon, technology is now at the center-stage, backstage, front row you name it! Being in the technology sales profession long enough, one starts to pick up patterns […]

Ways to constantly improve your Business Intelligence in times of Pandemic

Qlik Alerting in Recent Times.  The pandemic of COVID-19 and its impact around the globe has altered the way businesses think about their bottom line. Many “Fortune 500” companies are announcing remote working for the rest of the year and beyond. The changeover seems to be an easy sell for the services sector as compared […]

This Year Will Be The Year of Learning Management System! You Should Know Why

Technology has come a long way in solving the inevitability of time, but Covid-19 Pandemic pushed the global lifestyle towards digitization within days which now relies heavily on Internet access, digital infrastructures, and learning programs. Be it a student, employee, or enterprise of any kind, are now embracing innovative solutions to continue their efforts to […]

Largest SAP Partner in Pakistan for the year 2020

2020 has been a testing year on all fronts, but it was also an interesting and opportunistic year for TallyMarks Consulting. In the face of utter lockdown conditions due to the pandemic, we still managed to remain steady and continue to attain our goals. It so happened, that while hustling extra hard, we ended up […]