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Avianova creates personalized and innovative flight replenishment solutions. It is a cloud based web portal that connects the whole team to organize and deliver top-notch services.

This interactive system keeps track of incoming and outgoing flights to organize the replenishing schedule. The unpredictible timings of an aircraft’s arrival and departure, makes Avianova a much needed tool to organize the refreshment of the flight. Apart from efficiently assigning team members, the system allocates the material and resources too as predefined by the flight type.

Avianova services broadly span the following categories:


Updated data on incoming and outgoing flights is readily available including the characteristics of the airplane, flight times and area where the aircraft will dock.


To be able to meet ever-fluctuating demand, the system has a functionality to assign teams and duties depending on their availability.


Each flight demands a specific set of instructions for replenishment depending on the type of aircraft and for how long it will be on the ground between takeoff and landing.


Reporting covers the future as well as past changes to flights, teams and resources.