Project Description

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Akbar Associates Group has grown from a small company incorporated to provide an organized and reliable supply chain option to the national oil and gas industry to a large multi facet business house with over two hundred full time employees.

Location:  Islamabad, Pakistan
Tool: SAP S/4HANA and SAP Upstream Operations Management


SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Upstream Operations Management enables oil and gas companies, to carry out their exploration and production operations in the most cost-efficient way to maximize profitability. Akbar Associates can now:

  • Gather operations data including well and plant flows, temperatures, and pressures. These are analyzed in SAP to improve and exploit producing assets.
  • Allocate volumes of extracted products to their originating well completions to determine the value of the materials extracted between specific points in the network.
  • Use the network modeler tool to ascertain or simulate the potential production of a particular production network. They can create a graphical representation of the network’s structure and its respective allocation processes.
  • Achieve forecasted performance targets using Forecasting Fiori apps to realize all the forecasting relevant activities that will impact their production network.
  • Capture, store, analyze, manage and present data with reference to geographic location data to aid informed decision making.