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Why You Need SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

SAP SF learning and development

Businesses of all sizes are transforming their business in one way or another; and any transformation is really a people transformation. The competitive advantage lies in our people. The creative power of our people; the energy and synergy that comes from our teams giving their best; being inspired, motivated and connected in meaningful ways is what provides the foundation to competitive differentiation. We are finally at a point where technology has the capability to deliver what our people – our employee’s – expect; engagement, connection, and individualized experiences

SAP SuccessFactors enables you to focus on the needs of your people and what inspires them to perform at their best. You can make continuous improvements by combining experience data and operational data to make the decisions and take the actions that lead to employees who deliver more, build a positive culture, and advocate for your brand.

Core HR & Payroll


Deliver live insights that enable workers to make data-driven decisions, thanks to a consumer-grade employee experience

sap sf

Develop consistent, standardized HR processes focused on the entire workforce, increasing their engagement

SAP successfactors HR

Offer self-service features that support automation, improve data quality, and elevate HR service delivery

Time & Attendance

sap sf time

Boost employee productivity by replacing manual time-tracking with automated solutions


Increase employee engagement with self-service features that deliver instant HR insight to workers, anytime and anywhere

sap sf attendance

Support better workforce decision making by using historical patterns and employee trends

Talent Management


Streamline your hiring activities with automated, centrally managed global processes

Put your employees at the center of the learning experience with highly personalized, customizable, and collaborative training and education


Retain valuable employees by creating clear, compelling career paths

People Analytics


Accelerate your understanding of Big Data in HR and enhance your ability to use workforce data strategically to drive business impact


Reduce risk by getting early insights into trends disruptive to your workforce strategies


Improve institutional knowledge and increase decision accuracy

Employee Experience Management

sap sf exp

Understand the key drivers of employee engagement, helping managers improve the employee experience

sap sf

Collect feedback from employees at key touch points so you can act in real time to drive improvements

Identify the optimal benefits package based on employee feedback and driver analysis

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